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Revolutionizing the Rural Value-Chain for Dairy Farmers

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Increased Productivity

Demand for milk production is increasing leading rural farmers to diversify their incomes from multiple sources. WE Company's solution increases farmers' revenues by 25% by preventing spoilage.

Clean energy

Lack of affordable clean energy solutions is one of the primary constraints on farmers implementing milk preserving cooling systems. WE Company's solution enables solar-powered ice production in addition to lighting and helping meet rural unmet energy demand while Reducing Carbon emissions. 

Health & Hygiene

WE Company's implementation of a farm-based solar milk cooling system which reduces the potential for microbial contamination and increases rural hygienic standards through increasing milk's shelf life.

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Wamala Energy Co. Ltd is a Ugandan company formed as a consortium of European and African companies collaboratively pooling their respective expertise to revolutionize rural agricultural value chains through last-mile renewable energy solutions. The company was founded as the result of GIZ’s Lab-of-Tomorrow workshop held in Munich, Germany in June of 2017. The consortium identified complementary competencies and experience ideally suited to develop and implement an impactful business model designed to promote the use of clean energy by Ugandan dairy farmers in order to increase productivity.